Dem onions

Contrary to popular belief, hamburgers aren’t of North American origin. ‘Burger’ wasn’t a real word until slang talk came into the scene. History indicates that the burger patty has been around since the 12th century. Back then, they used minced horse and camel meat. It wasn’t until the first half of the 19th century that European immigrants brought the beef recipe with them from Hamburg, Germany to North America. It was called a Hamburg Steak during that time, go figure.

There isn’t any certain source of information as to how the idea of putting the steak between two slices of bread came about — German and American historians haven’t come to an agreement on that — but whoever did is a Godsend.

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One of the things I want to do once I get a job is to start hunting for food. Not in the sense that I’ll be actually stalking my meat like the spear-wielding tribesmen of Africa or the Ancient Mayan civilization…or Elmer Fudd, but scouting the vicinity of wherever I am for fantastic eats.

Scrumptious meals come in many forms, as well as prices. Some are worth their price, whether expensive or cheap. There’s cuisine that costs a fortune but tastes like dry dog droppings. Then there are inconspicuous, hidden food outlets and/or chains that serve cheap entrees but melt in your mouth like a million dollars. Of course, the latter would be the most preferred choice for everyone. But not every form of food can be bought for a bargain. Some foods are naturally pricy because of the ingredients used. Still, they can still be divided into ‘worth the price’ and ‘I can’t believe this shit costs this much’.

Me and Catherine, in a way, document our food ventures. She’s not as interested in food as me (because all women think they’re fat), but she’s always willing to try new stuff. She has the tools for fine photography, so as always, she’s a huge help. I’ll be giving back my first monthly salary to my grandfather, so our food ventures shall be renewed by my second pay and onwards. We probably also have to document each time I cook for her, because according to her, it’s something I rarely do. Haha

I’ll be dividing the food categories into two sub-categories: a) the best I’ve found; and b) suggestions from people that I want to try. I’m very much miles open to more suggestions by the way. That’s pretty much the whole point of this series of articles.

I’ll start off with…

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