Call me Duane. Lennard is fine, too, if I trust you. I hail from the Philippine capital, Manila. Born in the mountainous urban city of Baguio though, and the local culture there appeals to me in a strange way — like your roots calling to you. I would like to learn Ilokano.

I eat food. I’m allergic to crustaceans. I hear accounts of allergic people graduating from their allergy, but I don’t like shrimp enough to eat much of it and get a reaction every time. It’s wise to listen to your body.

If there’s a writer I look up to, it would be the old man Robert Fulghum. Concise, direct, and simple; his writing is consumable by all [literate] ages, like Looney Tunes. My grandfather introduced me to him via  All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I’d recommend that book to anyone.

I currently manage data for a government agency. I consume raw data and belch maps, charts and summaries. I also manage social media content for a startup digital development company; it’s not my forte, but I think it’s interesting what happens when you work on your weaknesses. I hope to expand this part of my About by continuously learning; it’s important to keep one’s self up-to-date with the current technology, because it moves so fast. Currently, the dream is to be able to work from damn near anywhere using remote technology. That’s some work-life balance if I’ve ever imagined one.


This blog will contain my longest-winded thoughts; that which cannot be expressed in a social media post, such as NBA basketball and societal deliberations. I come from a family of self-proclaimed literates, so I guess I must self-proclaim and write.




Updated as of January 2018.


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