I’m Lennard Duane Fernando. I use Duane Fernando for personal identification purposes such as quizzes or receiving signatures; I use my whole name only for formal identification such as registration matters because Lennard is a name for old men, which I’m not. I was born in 1992 in the mountains of Baguio in the Philippines, but raised in the capital. Nevertheless, my birthplace is something I treasure.

You can call me Duane, D, Kalbo, or whichever you fancy.

I’m a practitioner of relationship loyalty. It is honed well with my wife-to-be, Catherine Tapat. She has changed my life in so much ways, and she has played a significant part in making me the person I am today. We’ve been together for 2 years and already I feel like a person reincarnated. I cannot wait for the future and the growth I will experience further.

If there’s a writer I look up to, it would be Robert Fulghum. I like his style. He doesn’t try to sound intelligent by using unnecessarily profound terms which would make the average reader look up a Thesaurus. What matters is the content. What matters is that you get your point across. One can use the deepest terms to convey the shallowest thoughts. It’s like putting makeup on your articles: USELESS.

I’m an interior type of guy. I’m a fan of simplicity. I enjoy finding the most astounding stuff inside the most inconspicuous things; be it people’s personalities, bavarian filling in donuts, amazing sound systems in old cars or fantastic food in relatively unknown diners. That’s the kind of stuff that catches me — surprises hidden in unassuming boxes. Surpass expectations by not setting expectations. That, my friends, will get you booked on the happy plane.

Carry on.


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