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Word around the unit is that Systems Development will be separated from the IT Department. Whether that’s only by physical location or by organizational structure as well isn’t clear. Here’s how it happened:

With the departure of the IT Head and the Junior Programmer (two different individuals; reasons irrelevant of one another), things in the IT Department were a bit shook up. Our Senior Programmer was appointed O.I.C. and I, a rookie, was made to take the place of the Junior Programmer.

My new boss was aware that my programming skills were rusty, at best. He assigned me to take care of a Monthly Monitoring System, as well as use it to familiarize myself with the data environment. He eventually had to take it back from me when the clients voiced out their sentiments about the urgency of the system’s development. So while waiting for the atmosphere to calm down, my boss allowed me to take on minor jobs such as data encoding, troubleshooting and some database administration. These are tasks which are looked upon by others as menial, but are seen by yours truly as oddly rewarding.

A couple of days ago, however, a new department within the office arose. Led by a feisty director known for being challenging of her people, outputs flowed quickly from her subordinates. As part of her grand scheme, she arranged for a meeting with our boss – who happens to be a Consultant. She wanted his services for another vast monitoring system. Their conversation led to a point where my boss was forced to let go of some of his other projects, all of which are from different departments within the office, to enable (force?) him to focus on that monitoring and evaluation system.

Unable to refuse, he came back to the IT Department with a defeated visage. It was decided: he was going to have to transfer to another room wherein he would focus on coding. And he was going to bring the two of us with him. It disheartens me to know that I’ll be leaving the troubleshooting behind. I could never understand why I enjoyed fixing stuff for people, but it’s the biggest loss I see. Me and my fellow comrade have ‘programmer’ written all over our job description, but neither of us are sharp with the whole thing. He’s taking interest in PhP and Visual Basic, the latter of which I’m familiar with in some way. The difference between the two of us is that I’m mostly disinterested in programming, and I feel like the whole task is being forced upon me.

I remember when customizing your Friendster page with CSS was the hip thing to do. I never dipped a finger in that. It was, for the most part, unnecessary. Maybe I took up the wrong course, or just the wrong major. I enjoy the tinkering our network administrators do.

But I’ll stay afloat. Like I’ve been saying to myself as motivation, these are opportunities to learn. Perhaps at some point in the future, I’ll look back at this with an appreciating perspective. In the meantime, I’ll just have to earn my pay.

Maybe that shield tattoo will help ease all this discomfort.


The daily stroll to the office includes a tricycle ride, a jeep ride, and a colorum FX ride. There’s also a long queue to get into the FX – which, by the way, perplexes me because the “FX” technically refers to the 3rd generation Toyota Kijang; the same line of Toyota vehicles which includes the Revo and Innova. Why does the Innova have less passenger capacity if it’s the new bloom of its generation? And why do we call them “FXs” when a good portion of them are vans?


After going away from my intended topic, let me get back to it. It takes me an hour and a half every day to get to the office. Ho-hum music from my earphones makes things a lot easier (except when I’m in inside a Hi-Ace; I love the sound the engine makes), but as always, there’s a window to look out to and daydream while one is at it.

In fact, I thought of this while I was just in the line waiting for the van.

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. I’m willing to bet everyone has thought about it at some point in their life. Some have pushed through, some had fun entertaining the thought, some are still planning, and some have gotten themselves inked but are regretting doing so because of a variety of reasons.

I have no intention of getting a tattoo just to look at it one day asking God why I got it. So if ever I’m going to have any part of my skin drawn on permanently, I want it to be meaningful. So dragons, fish, chains, thorns, sharp weapons, grammatically incorrect slogans, or incoherent collages or montages of random stuff are out of the window. Even basketball-related images are excluded because even though I know I can play, I’m not about to strut around the metro with a sports tattoo setting expectations about my skills. I’ve narrowed some of my choices down to this:

  • My name – rather obvious choice. But too mainstream. 
  • A potato – yes, you read that right; a potato. Although people might mistake it for an asteroid; and while I do have some minor interest in the Solar System, I’m not very indulged in the topic to discuss the number of rocks orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.
  • A loaf of bread – I have weird choices, don’t I? I’m not even a fan of bread much.
  • A bowl of rice – to make it more distinguishable from a bowl of shredded wheat paste, oriental symbols around the bowl might be included.
  • A pupil-less monkey sitting on a barrel – because that’s badass and everybody likes monkeys and barrels.
  • An emperor penguin – because nobody else has one.
  • An emperor penguin with his young walking behind him – on my arm.
  • A tower shield – like the Greeks. Remember when I said sports symbols were out? This is an exemption. If there’s anything I’m confident with myself in with regards to basketball, it’s my perimeter defense. I will lock you down. I will make you work for your shots. I will make it difficult for you to get points for your team. I will make your team earn your points. I will study you and force you to go to your weak side. I will keep you from the paint. I will contest every shot. I will fight through screens. I will DEFEND.

Any other suggestions?


By the way, this wasn’t what I had in mind.