Quick Update

Haven’t touched my blog in a while; too much stuff to do the past couple of months. My first job is kind of demanding (and a bit discouraging), but I’m trudging along slowly. The opportunity to learn is always there, and always appreciated. A bit of a summary will suffice for this post…in bullet form:

  • First Job: Junior Programmer. I’m learning again.
  • Recently realized how much I put into my right butt cheek pocket. I found paper clips, candy wrappers, printer test pages, empty cigarette packs, fast food coupons and the entire kingdom of Wonderland in there. At least I don’t litter.
  • Nearing 3 years with Catherine, yay!
  • I started the year not wanting to touch another steering wheel again. Now I haven’t driven in 2 months…kinda miss it…
  • My uncle’s recovery is going well. At least that facet of his life is good.
  • Forced to try cheaper cigarettes due to the Sin Tax Law; found out they’re not so bad. Except for Mighty — it’s like the manufacturer wrapped a stick in paper. Can you imagine that? He went into his backyard. And picked up A STICK. Then wrapped the damn stick in paper. Mighty is terrible. Fortune Green, on the other hand, is tolerable.
  • Speaking of the Sin Tax, I have tasted liquor exactly two times since the start of 2013. Now I know why I chugged down 8 bottles of beer during our workshop in Tagaytay, messing up my attendance for the entirety of the following day due to the hangover.
  • Catherine lent me her iPod Touch. Now I realize how delightful it is to be taking pictures of everything and posting it on (gasp) Instagram…and sharing it on (gasp) Facebook and Twitter. I completely regret making fun of those people. I’m going to apologize for that right now.
  • Cath has always been nagging me to get a facial treatment with her. I refuse to have my physical complexion artificially enhanced because I don’t give a fuck about how people look and I don’t give a fuck how I look (I do plan on body building once I turn 21, though…so I give a minor fuck). Finally, after I got back from Tagaytay, she asked again — nicely — and I was too exhausted to play tit-for-tat with her. Now I’m only praying that the products the dermatologist gave me doesn’t whiten my skin.
  • Still waiting on my first pay…

That’s about it. It’s apology time. Wheeeee

  1. weirdly, I wonder why my Google Reader does not tell me your blog already updated. Or something is wrong with how the IT department configured Google Reader and sorts.

    You know, for a bit, I thought you would be discouraged about your work in the office–in the IT department. I don’t know, something about the way you write here and the way you strike me as a person. I know I don’t know you too well, except for what I read her, but I had that assumption nevertheless.

    In the meantime, congratulations on the first job! I like that you say these are opportunities to learn. Great to hear about the pending anniversary! :D

    and don’t forget us on your first salary! I reckon someone owes us beer? 224php sa Pasto ang bucket, just so you don’t have an excuse that it is expensive! hehehehe

    • I don’t know about that; personally, I just visit the sites I follow manually to see if there are updates. I’ve been looking for a Follow button on takemetotheriot.com and have found 0 until now! Tell me if I’m missing something.

      It’s the programming. Some recent self-reflection has taught me that I have a tendency to frown at massive projects. Small projects are cake, though; I’ll do it faster than anyone. My coping mechanism is to take things step-by-step so I don’t get overwhelmed by the gravity of the planned missives.

      I do enjoy fixing stuff for people, though. I look forward to Thank-you’s and the daily trips up and down the elevator. The people around me want me to use my skills for something more menial than that, however. So in between relearning programming and numerous odd jobs from PIU, nagtatanong tanong ako kila Sir Nante and Sir Bien about network configurations because their line of work is what I really want.

      Thank you thank you from the both of us!

      Yeah yeah yeah I owe a lot of people something and something. Second salary, maybe; I was planning to give the entirety of my first to my grandfather but he wants me to tithe it as the proverbial “first fruit”. Majority of it goes there, the rest goes to Zibibo haha

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