It’s December?

My boss called me to her desk last week, telling me to get my resume fixed. It was time for me to shape up and start preparing for the next phase of my life: work. No more after-school shenanigans, no more weekends, no more cutting classes etc etc. Then she told me this had to be done soon; otherwise, January’s just around the corner and I would be last in line.

What the hell, it’s already December?!

Up to now, I still haven’t made the required updates to my resume. I have no idea how to insert the portions describing my On-The-Job training and volunteer work with the office, and I don’t seem to be gathering any motivation to find out how – someone smack me in the face.

I’m not ready yet, for Christ’s sake. It’s not that I’m not prepared to start the work-a-day lifestyle. I think I’ve made it very clear that I’ve grown accustomed to and fond of the office with much gusto. It’s not that. What’s holding me back at the moment is the nagging realization that I have not lived my vacation to the fullest yet.


Since November, I have been the foot soldier of the Magdamo household. I have been asked to this, to do that, to remain here, to drive my uncle there, to trim down the big fallen branch of the caimito tree in the yard, to get a new part for one of our broken faucets and end up going to FOUR different Wilcon branches only to be told at the last that the faucet model we have has phased out…numerous family responsibilities that no one in the house likes to take off my hands.

My grandfather has called my reporting to the office “playing Santa Claus”, as if it’s a damn luxury for me to go to the office and do what I can for the agency. Maybe he’s waiting for me to start complaining about the office for him to stop labeling it derisively. I think he calls it such because he knows I enjoy what I do in the office and I somewhat dislike staying in the house playing the worker bee (and because I get only free lunch at the office and he thinks I’m being abused). But in no way do I leave the house to escape duties; it just so happens that not everybody is available all the time, even a grandson who just graduated.

I’ve done already some vacation-y stuff, of course. We got our World of Warcraft account up and going. My midnight shifts with my older brother is at it again. When I’m not needed, I’m just in front of the computer doing the numerous things you could do with it. I spend time with Catherine whenever I can. We went to Antipolo the previous weekend for our college batch’s annual reunion, where we got our P14,000’s worth: 22 hours of swimming, singing, eating and drinking (unfortunately, I did not seem to grow darker — been trying to grow a tan). This coming weekend, I’m inviting the BCG boys over for a late graduation celebration and possibly our Christmas party.


But it’s not enough! If others want to lecture me about how they started working right after they graduated, then by all means, I let them. Whatever reason they had for not taking a break, isn’t my problem (and I have no intention of creating one). I happen to have the luxury of resting and I’m not about to give that up, no matter how much they persuade me or be aghast at how I’m treating my situation. I just need to figure out when I can finally say, “I got enough rest, let’s earn my first salary!” Because right now, I can’t.

And when I do, it would be a wonderful gift to myself for Christmas.


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