Monthly Archives: October 2012

I’m a paranoid guy. Not sure if that’s the word I was looking for, but I notice a whole lot of things around me. I pay attention to too much stuff. Sometimes I think it borders on lunacy. I have opinions on nearly everything around me. Other people just walk along the metro with their heads down, not minding other people’s business. I’m almost the opposite. If I spoke whatever was on my mind, I’d be punched by everyone around me. What can I say? The freedom of thought never hurt anybody, and there isn’t any god damn law that abridges that. So yeah, this won’t be about any definite subject; just talking and talking (typing and typing, okay).


They are quite fond of the chicken.

1) Fried Chicken.

I’m still convinced that everybody in this forsaken planet has black genes. Nobody hates fried chicken. Whenever I walk home, I see KFC, and it’s never empty. Jollibee, especially, never runs out of customers. You think the kids go there for their half-pound Champs? Hell No! They go there for the Chicken Joy.

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