Dat weekend

I spent 3 out of 4 nights of the long weekend chugging down alcohol. My liver must hate me right now. No beers were served in any of those, to top everything off. Budget drinking was the norm because beer is expensive, and everyone’s grown conscious about the bulk of their bellies.

It’s kinda funny because a month or so ago, we were let off early from the office and everybody just went home without much to say. La dee da. I was sitting in my chair thinking how if this was high school, we would have gone straight to our classmate’s house and crashed their yard, laughed up a riot and all that crazy shit. It wasn’t very different; it was still budget drinking. Except our budget was enough to whip us all into drunken frenzies. I was hankering for a drink, so to say.

Now I don’t think I’ll be sipping any liquor for a long time; except beer.

Everybody’s busy now. You can’t get in touch with anybody anymore. I don’t feel like high school was too long ago, but things have changed. This brings to mind something I saw on — where else? — the Internet.

Students have the time and the energy, but not the money.
Employees have the money and the energy, but not the time.
Senior citizens have the money and the time, but not the energy.

Technically I’m still a student, but the people around me are evolving into the second stage, and the new people I’m meeting are already in that stage. I get along better with people older than me; I guess that’s why the faces at school annoy me.

I’m not an alcoholic, that much I’m sure, but there are just times that I want to share a glass with the people around me; catch up, laugh, poke fun at each other, meddle with their lives and just have a good time. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But how could I do that when I can’t afford to accommodate them? I can’t even accommodate myself. I can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself; but maybe that can be attributed to the fact that I’m contented with what I have and I don’t really need or want anything.

I’m rambling again. It must be a psychological disorder. Anyway, the weekend was mostly great. I had fun with different people at different places. There should be more of those. Once I can accommodate myself, I’ll personally start them up.

  1. DK said:

    write about your adventures when drunk! that is always interesting to read! :)

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