I miss the outdoors.

I came across a gold coin in 9gag.com. It wasn’t a fortune in terms of a new business idea. But it was an idea; an intangible sliver of wealth. Watching it reminded me how much I’ve been…indoors.

I report to the office in the morning then go to school in the afternoon. On a Saturday, the magnetic force of our wooden bed amplifies itself tenfold until 9 in the morning then I go to school again for a seminar. I then spend the rest of the day with Catherine; tell her stories about the recent events of the week, share ideas, tell her she’s not fat and do some chores.

For a regular week, my only exercise is the trudging I do from the house to the tricycle terminal; from one end of the Quezon Ave. cor. EDSA overpass to the other; from the office to SM; then from where I get off the bus in Tandang Sora to the tricycle terminal to the other side of Commonwealth. That’s hardly “exercise”, in the literal sense of the term, since it’s basically my routine. At least that’s the way I see it.

I’m looking for something truly tiring, but at the same time something that will give me a sense of accomplishment — of triumph.

I do get to play basketball on Sundays. But it’s hardly enough; I want more.

I miss going on long cycles. I miss the muscle pain. I miss the dirty sweat. I miss the feeling of the wind (and dust) blowing against you while you pedal on. I used to be able to do that when my uncle left his racer with us. Now that it’s with him, I’m stuck with an old rust-covered jalopy; it’s my cousin’s bike and he hasn’t used it in years. I’ll probably save up for high-end parts to fix it up.

To the same extent, I also miss wall climbing. It’s one of the easier sports out there; if you’re not afraid of heights, anyway. It’s an achievement in itself when you reach the top, and it’s fun! Who didn’t love climbing up everything and anything as a child? It’s only up to the climber if he or she wants to make things more challenging. You can try bouldering, wherein you can only use selected rocks as grips or footholds. You can also try the steeper walls. There’s no holding you back once you get the feel.

I surely won’t be able to do the tricks Mr. MacAskill does in the video above; because if I tried, I would destroy both my body and my bike. But that’s besides the point. I want to get back out under the sun. I can’t be sitting all the time. The ‘air-conditioned splendor’ — as my grandfather puts it — is beginning to grow old.

Nothing beats fresh air.


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