50 Years

Our mother wasn’t perfect. Nobody is. But she was always a loving mother. Nobody can take that away from us. From her. She had flaws; some big, some small. But she was always a loving mother.

While us in the family knew her for everything that she is, we somehow failed to see more of the positive side of the spectrum. We made the mistake of being unsympathetic during her downfall instead of attempting to pull her back up.

Beyond the boundaries of our vision, our mother was actually helping people, being a saint. We were surprised to have individual after individual approach my grandfather, telling him about how our mother had been their saving grace.

Perhaps we knew little of her endeavors because we barely asked. However it’s also possible that we heard little because our mother was never boastful about the things she undertook. Our mother was the life of the party wherever she went. Her smile and laughter brought radiance, but she was never boastful.

I wish I could have shown her more about a son’s love for his mother. It’s something I regret to this day. I am guilty of being insensitive, because I am also one of those to blame for not aiding her in emerging from the depths of misery she fell into.

By the grace of the Lord, nearing the end of days, she turned to God, and finally picked herself up. She had exorcised her demons. She was saved, spiritually.

Today would be her 50th birthday; a golden celebration for wed couples, but a small milestone for aging individuals. A milestone however, that we could have magnified. I hope we can make something out of what we have. The same way she painstakingly found a way to make every birthday of each of her three sons…significant, at the least. She was a loving mother, and would probably a loving mother for the rest of eternity. It’s only right that we show her the same passion.

Happy 50th Birthday Mama! We love you!

– your loving family

Courtesy of Tita Diane Fernando.



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