Nearer and nearer

I’m less than 20 hours away from finishing my Practicum.

It’s fucking torment.

For the past 3 days, I’ve done a week’s worth of Troubleshooting — which is a good thing. The exhaustion I feel when I get home is a great feeling. It’s the fatigue of accomplishment, if such a thing exists. I didn’t fix everyone’s problems, but I managed for the most part. And those who didn’t get their stuff fixed didn’t yell at me.

I’m currently just backing up my files here on my computer. I could almost cry right now. But that’s just not manly or anywhere normal in a corporate setting, if you’re a man. Men don’t just burst out into tears. At least not for reasons he is not willing to shed light on anyway.

But men feel agony too.

We’re just too macho to say so.


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