The end of my Practicum draws closer. The number of hours I have to complete shrinks every day. And as I’ve said in more recent times, it’s not something I’m looking forward to.

It feels strange. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve cherished every day of the week. It’s the first time I’ve felt excited that another Monday is coming. I had something to get up to every morning. During the weekdays, I get to go the office and find myself doing something worthwhile, learning something new everyday and every week. On Saturdays, I get to spend time with my significant other. I reserve my Sundays for basketball whenever possible.

Once my 486 hours are finished, I won’t have much stories to tell to Catherine about my weekdays other than school — which are mostly unpleasant. I won’t have any reason to get up early on a Monday since my classes aren’t until 4 in the afternoon. I might not have much reason to get up on weekdays, period. I would have more energy on Sundays, though.

I enjoy being in the office. That’s about as concise as my point can get. I want to file my application for the organization immediately. People have been telling me to do so left and right. I’ve heard rumors that my superior wants to keep me because they’re in need of a technical writer. My companions in the unit want me there because they need an addition in the rotation for travels around the country. I could consider myself lucky for the most part because I feel I’ve done something right and the fruits of my labor are starting to bloom.

I had a conversation with one of the Administrative Officers. When I told her that I might apply for a job in the office (who am I kidding, I AM going to apply), she told me it would be a good start since the starting salary for IT personnel is pretty good. What I heard from her didn’t matter. I could care less about how much I’m paid. For as long as one enjoys what he or she is doing, for as long as the intangible rewards are reaped everyday, the material returns become less significant. That’s how I felt. I didn’t tell her that, though; I might sound poetic.

I could apply. I would. But I can’t. Not yet.

I’m an irregular student; mostly because I strayed from the path of righteousness during my 1st year in college. The regular curriculum has only 2 minor subjects in the last semester that go along with the IT Practicum. That’s not an option for me anymore.

I have 5 subjects that go along with my Practicum. 2 of those are easy enough for me to label them as a free pass. The other 3 aren’t very fun. One is a programming subject, which has us creating a LAN-Based System as a project for the Finals. It’s pretty chill, although I’m a bit annoyed since I thought I was finally done with creating systems in school when we finished our Thesis. The second has an obnoxious 85% passing grade — unlike the standard which is 75% — and a shit load of memorization. The last one is an unruly business concepts project, in which we have to innovate a completely new product and have it presented. I just find that dastardly cruel since I have absolutely zero — possibly even negative — interest in business crap. And we all know how great it is to do something we despise.

I’d apply in the office right away after my Practicum if the circumstances were favorable. I really want to. But as I’ve indicated in the previous paragraph, my workload in school isn’t light. It’s not very taxing in a sense, but the weight it carries demands more than just ‘enough’ from me. If I’m going to make it past this last semester, I’m going to have to put in more effort than what is written in my schedule. The class hours aren’t enough to make something acceptable. I’m going to need to do extra.

If I apply for work immediately, I won’t be able to do that extra push. As much as I prefer to work in the office than in school right now, it’s not the right thing to do. It’s my final semester.

My mother held high hopes for me back when she walked with us in this life. She was confident that I would finish my studies. I’m not going to let her or anyone else down anymore like I did before by wasting my allowance on computer games, cutting classes. I have to endure. I have to set my priorities straight, regardless of preference. There are just times in life where the right thing isn’t what we want to do.

It’s the final wave that’s coming from the sea of education. I can do this. My personal enjoyment can wait. After all, what is a few months compared to the years I’m about to spend in this life?

In the mean time, school sucks.


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