Whining about whining

The rainy season is upon the Philippines again. Storms have been brewing up like an epidemic for the past few days, and it hasn’t been pretty. I’m always prepared for any upcoming downpour; I bring what I might call my “travel attire” – shorts, slippers and an extra shirt. There’s also the umbrella my aunt bought for me last Friday. On any day, whatever I might be wearing to look decent in the office or school, I have my travel attire with me.

It’s quite a drag to bring around each and every single day, though. Last Friday, another thunderstorm ravaged through the capital and left a minute amount of Fairview-bound buses to bring people home along EDSA. My aunt and I spent a good 30 minutes waiting in the terminal, and that’s when I felt just how heavy my bag really was; and to think I carry that load on a regular basis.

The amount of rainfall is directly proportionate to the amount of whining students in my school make, apparently. Even without an actual tropical storm warning in the capital, the complaining goes on and on. Every time it’s raining, I make a regular visit to the school’s Facebook page just to count how many students are sitting in their houses posting “MAY PASOK PO BA?” The lack of educational enthusiasm is blatantly obvious.

So much so that one of our instructors posted on her page (not on the school’s page): “If you think you’ll be unable to attend your classes because of the weather, then don’t go to school. It’s that simple…”

Boom. Nobody’s forcing the students to go to school with the deity-damned weather. Sure it’ll be a dent in their attendance if ever the school does hold classes, but they should be given some consideration; provided that their reasons are acceptable. Their constant pestering is annoying. These people somehow have enough internet access to make repeatedly redundant posts on the school’s Facebook page but have no access to a telephone. The school’s contact numbers are listed on every student’s ID. They can call to find out. Why is this so much more difficult? Because using a wired telephone is ‘uncool’? Because using your P500 Divisoria-bought smartphone to write something on social media is ‘socially revered’?

I’m waiting for the time to come where a student with his fake-ass ChinaPhone makes an uproar on a social media site: “MAY PASOK PO BA?! MALAKAS ULAN DITO SA AMIN EH!! MAAWA KAYO SA MGA ESTUDYANTE!”, only to have his surprisingly advanced smartphone alert everybody to his current location via GPS “Sogo Hotel, Cubao”.

Public humiliation, here I come.


I won’t be a hypocrite. I can’t wait to finally get out of school. I also post on the school’s Facebook page. But I make inquiries in a decent manner. “May kuryente po ba?” STI College Cubao students will understand.


I promise to proofread this less than 5 times. Spill hot water on my nipples if don’t.

    • Good Lord, thank you so much! That was very informative. A pot of gold.

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