A pair of tips and a lone rant

Today’s issue deals with the Internet, assholes in buses and me reminding people of a staple need they might be forgetting.

1. Most of what you need to know is on the Internet.


I learned this from my older brother; and I’m damn thankful that he taught this to me. Technology has advanced to the point where some informative reading materials like dictionaries start to fade into memory; at least to those who get to reap its benefits. (An apology to Noah Webster and his colleagues)

I can vouch for that. I dug up most of the troubleshooting solutions for employees in the office on the Internet, on their computers (when their problems have nothing to do with the disastrous connection, anyway).  Sometimes they see me hitting Google on their stations; other times they just leave me until I get the job done. That on-the-spot research has come in handy on numerous occasions. I learn not to be too reliant on using their phones to call my superiors about what to do. Google is incredibly easy to use. Resourcefulness is a good thing to have.

Of course, I’d also like to remind you all that not everything you need to find is on the Internet — hence my usage of the word ‘most’. There will be times that what you do find isn’t the truth. Wikipedia is a free dictionary. Anyone can edit the entries there, even people who think they know more than they do. Don’t be too dependent on the technology (and I should emphasize that that statement heavily applies in other situations); when the need arises, you will have to look for more credible sources than Google, Yahoo! or Wikipedia.

2. Move to the back of the damn bus.

Unless you’re getting off nearby, stop clogging up the front of the bus, particularly buses with only one entry/exit point. And even if your destination isn’t far from where you boarded the bus, please try to remind others to be the ones to move to the back. The conductor is only one person.

Rush hour traffic is understandable. Everyone who works, studies or just happens to pass by in commercial areas goes through that kind of shit. But for the love of Jesus, please don’t make it any more unbearable. Sticking to the front of the bus creates too much havoc like:

a) Blocking the driver’s view of his side mirror – if you’re planning on leaving this world because your new boyfriend/girlfriend of 1 week forgot to greet you on your first week together, please leave the other 75 people out of your suicidal adventures.

b) Making it harder for alighting passengers to get off – you’re not only contributing to the traffic by not allowing the bus to move because he’s paid to bring passengers to their destinations, you’re squeezing your own balls. Don’t you dare complain about people and their stuff hitting you; you failed at getting out of the way.

I can’t say much about organized criminals, however. Part of their modus is to squeeze in on you so you won’t notice their hands going into the wrong places. So just be careful.

Tip 2a: If you can, please give your seat to those in need — the elderly, pregnant women or people bringing children in general. They need a seat more than you do.

3. Get a good jug or any non-hazardous fluid container, and keep it with you.

Drink water! Quench your thirst! With your own water container, you wouldn’t need to go to the nearest fast food establishment or convenience store just to moisten your throat.

Most establishments grant free access to clean, drinkable water (except malls; almost anything tangible in there has value). Make use of those. Thank God there’s free water where I spend my weekdays. The office has water dispensers for hot and cold water; and the school provides students with a drinking fountain (although with the water pressure it’s running with, it takes a good 10 minutes to fill up a liter).

Some people don’t drink enough water, and instead chug down bottles of soft drinks or energy drinks like Cobra or Sting on a daily basis in place of clean drinking water.

HEALTH TRIVIA: The primary ingredient in most energy drinks is sugar. Their secondary ingredient is…well, sugar. Cobra Energy Drink, for example, has been found to have an amount of sugar equal to half of its bottle. That’s probably exaggerated, but you get the point.

I’m not trying to deface the Cobra brand (since Sting is basically the same thing) or the industry of energy drinks in general; I’m just setting a warning for people. It’s all right to drink a bottle on occasion, such as before a rigorous athletic activity. What isn’t all right is to pop open a bottle to quench your thirst whenever your throat runs dry. Diabetes isn’t worth it.

Water is readily available, most of the time. There are hardly any health risks posed by drinking water, clean water especially. Some people don’t even care; personally I settle for tap water in between basketball sessions (I don’t condone that kind of habit, by the way. I’m trying to talk about clean water here). You get to keep your bladder clean, too. Regular urination isn’t something to be alarmed of, unless you’re on travel. It’s a natural body function needed to be done to keep toxins out of your innards.

By the way, if you pay attention to the color of your pee and its color is pretty much transparent, that’s a sign of good hydration. Yellowish urine means you lack fluid intake and are wandering dangerously close to UTI territory; depending on how yellow your wee-wee is.

Oh and when I say non-hazardous water containers, I mean good jugs and tumblers like those found in sports gear outlets. Those are reusable for long periods of time. Studies have shown that regular plastic bottles like the ones used by well-known “purified” and “distilled” drinking water brands like Absolute and Wilkins can only be used until 3 times or so. After that, they start to produce carcinogens (cancer-causing particles) when exposed further to extreme temperatures. Dispose of those bottles after a couple of uses.


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