The thought of creating a blog has been one of the constant passengers in my train of thought these past few years. The world aged quicker than I could think so I wasn’t aware that there were free blogs like here — which is ironic considering I spend too much of my time on the Internet.

Prior to this, my Facebook page has served as my blog. I’ve got 89 posts out there via the usage of the Notes feature, half of which aren’t really blog-worthy posts. They aren’t worth reading, so to speak. The more recent ones, I would admit, are more acceptable.

So on the bus home, I started to contemplate getting my own repository of thoughts-translated-into-words; those that can be translated anyway. I’ll leave my Facebook for short, concise ideas that can be easily expressed. The more complicated ones that need further explanation (or organizing, seeing as my mind can spawn maelstroms of the most random ideas at times) will be put here. As I celebrate more birthdays, my world also expands, just like everyone else’s. As if my mind isn’t already talkative in itself, I’m going to need to unload more, lest I succumb to insanity.

I’m relatively free this Sunday morning, so maybe I’ll import some of my notes, just to get a head start.

Let me take this moment to say Hi, Hello, Howdy to all of you. I’ll pretend somebody’s reading this.

– Duane


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