It hath begun-eth

“Published” on June 26, 2012

The amount of sucking that I predicted my school semester was bound to have is beginning to come true.

I lost my phone on my way to school from the office, as I got off the bus. A group of assholes got onto the bus I was about to alight from en masse. They then proceeded to box the shit out of the exit before stripping me of my phone. There were so many things wrong with that situation.

1) That was my Kuya Timmy’s office SIM Card, lined to his office. He lent it to me after I lost my previous phone a couple of months ago. He said he’ll have it cut off.

2) I lost my previous phone in a manner no different from this more recent incident! The only factors that differ are the places where I got off the damn bus and the type of bus I was riding. This time it was an air-conditioned bus. Damn, these dipshits will do anything anywhere.

3) Wait a minute, this already happened to me! Seeing as I’ve already gone through that kind of experience, you would think I would have learned my lesson and not have my valuables sticking around in easy to reach places around my body, right? Of course I have. I no longer use a wallet. I’ve made it a habit of putting my cellphone and my watch in the deep corners of the main pocket of may backpack before leaving. So what the hell went wrong? The one instance where I forget to do those precautions turned out to be the day where disaster would strike...and it was raining. You know how the rain can distract you. Damn, these dipshits will do anything anytime.

4) That phone I just lost was a Nokia 1280.

The fabulous Nokia 1280.

Really now, assholes? A Nokia 1280? Part of the Ultra-Basic series not exactly made to be all that entertaining because all it has are the basic commodities that cellphones should have? That thing isn’t even colored! Its most spectacular feature is a flashlight. Those bandits must have hurled it out the bus window once they decided to check their fresh loot and found out they struck solid rock. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved that phone. It was simple, and I’m a fan of simplicity. Not just in phones or material things, but in a lot of other aspects, like people. I sort of abhor the extravagant stuff (like heels, especially those that leave the toes exposed, or the noisy pair clacking around the floor scaring away the mice in the office — I’ll leave my opinion on heels for another time; or those stupid USB phone sets I see being sold in CDR-King etc).

Not that I would say no to being given an iPhone, just that I prefer to be given a cheap phone that I can use to text or call my girlfriend, or other people for that matter. That’s what a cellphone was made for, right?

I thought that having this cheap, colorless, poverty-induced-looking phone would be enough to save itself, seeing as it’s even more cheap looking than my previous phone — which was actually colored, but still boasted the all mighty-flashlight as its headline feature. Apparently I was wrong. Those rogues don’t care what you possess, be it an empty wallet or a 1990 Motorola with an antenna, they just want to piss you off by taking what’s valuable.

Damn, these dipshits will do anything.


But I can’t be too mad about it…anymore. I don’t like wallowing in my stress. I don’t like to grow old too fast. So I decided to look at the other side of the spectrum and etched out the positives.

1) All they took was my phone. They probably tried reaching into my left cheek pocket or any of my other pockets looking for a wallet to pilfer and found nothing. I don’t use a wallet, well not to store my everyday money in anyway. I don’t think their cell leaders include Lip Balms, Vicks Tubes, 1 GB Flash Drives, Cigarettes, Lighters or ballpens in their PowerPoint Presentations when they hold conventions about the “Parvenu, Popular, Plush and Publicly Paraded Paraphernalia of Purpose to be Pulled from People’s Pockets” Presentation or P11. So yeah, all they took was a crappy phone which I valued more than how it looked.

2) I was not hurt in any shape or form. Other than being squeezed around near the door of the bus, no physical harm was inflicted on me that day. Being pickpocketed or snatched from is better than being held up. I noticed the phone was gone as I took the last step off the bus, but I wasn’t about to take on an entire group of 6 or so jackasses. I’m aware of those kind of people, they carry weapons with them just in case things don’t go their way, a.k.a. Plan B wherein they just whack their victim with what they’re carrying in case he/she fights back. I knew better than to climb back up on the bus.

3) No money was taken. All they took was the phone, I keep my money elsewhere. That was untouched. My wealthy P50 fortune stayed wth me and lasted until I got home.

4) No pressure to text anybody! LOL sorry about this, especially to Cath :)) I’ll still try to text you when I can, people all around me have cellphones anyway, I can always borrow a message or two. I’d hate to make you worry.

Let this be a lesson, not just for me, but for all of you. Stay alert, be vigilant, aware of your surroundings. If you can’t stay alert all the time (like me), place yourself in a position where you won’t be very easily be taken advantage of; keep your valuables inside the deep recesses of your bags, and leave only your fare money easily accessible by hand while traveling in public. (NOTE TO SELF: DO THIS SHIT EVERYTIME FROM THIS MOMENT ON) You never know what’s lurking out there in the shadows. And if possible, don’t fall asleep on a public transport. If you plan on snoozing in that air-conditioned haven on wheels, make sure that what can be taken from you isn’t easily within reach of a thief.


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