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“Published” on June 29, 2012 on

Two note posts ago, I was complaining about how exhausting the final semester of this infernal School Year was being (and is still being, and will continue to be). I complained about fatigue, about the noontime inferno, about the cloud of cigarette smoke in the crowded smoking den near the school. I complained about classmates, about the corrupt politics plighting an innocent educational institution. I complained and complained about everything; except the office, where I still prefer to be in during the weekdays.

The past few days have somewhat shifted my perspective to a different tone. I have come to realize something:

I am fortunate.


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“Published” on June 26, 2012

The amount of sucking that I predicted my school semester was bound to have is beginning to come true.

I lost my phone on my way to school from the office, as I got off the bus. A group of assholes got onto the bus I was about to alight from en masse. They then proceeded to box the shit out of the exit before stripping me of my phone. There were so many things wrong with that situation.

1) That was my Kuya Timmy’s office SIM Card, lined to his office. He lent it to me after I lost my previous phone a couple of months ago. He said he’ll have it cut off.

2) I lost my previous phone in a manner no different from this more recent incident! The only factors that differ are the places where I got off the damn bus and the type of bus I was riding. This time it was an air-conditioned bus. Damn, these dipshits will do anything anywhere.

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“Published” on June 23, 2012

WHAT: IT Practicum

Company Engaged: Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process

Department: Information and Communications Technology Unit

Hours to complete: 486 hours

Hours logged: 230 or something.

Abilities Acquired: Printer Installation, Printer Networking, Printer Troubleshooting, Ethernet Cabling, PCI Card Installation, Coffee Making

Abilities Re-acquired: Database Connection, Query Language Declaration, Database Programming

Problems to acquire skills for: Computers unable to obtain IP addresses from network, Wireless Router Crashing, Prevention of Procrastination, Prevention of Consumption of Third Party Rations

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