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“Published” on November 16, 2010 on

Most, if not all things, happen for a reason

I drill this into my head everyday. I don’t mourn over wrong decisions. I don’t regret not choosing the other path. Why? Because I know, and I have faith, that the holy-powers-that-be-from-above have already laid this out for me. You hear people all the time saying, “You can CHANGE your destiny!” and all that sassy talk. Well, yes, that COULD be possible. But then again, the Lord will also know where your decision is going to lead to. So why bother, right? Just do what you do, be yourself. My grandfather told me one time, “I’ve given up trying to understand God. No matter how much we pray for something, if it’s not in His plans, it’s not going to happen. All we can do is obey.” Made sense.

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